Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dead Duck Doc

Here's something to share with the Doc Hastings supporters you may know.

Through no fault of his own (at least not any we know about) the 4th CD race has ceased to be about the merits or failings of Congressman Hastings. As Republican races across the country implode for all kinds of reasons from corruption to the general dissatisfaction with failed policies and empty promises, even Republican Party officials are focusing on damage control. They know the House is lost to them and perhaps even the Senate.

The voters in the 4th Congressional District (including Doc supporters) need to be thinking about what happens to the voice of our district in the coming Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. If that voice is a long-term Republican loyalist you can be sure he will be moved to the very back of the line when it comes to priorities. Doc's influence will be zilch, nada, beyond zero. The voters have to ask themselves if that is what they want for their district? The voters have to ask how many important things that are needed by this district are going to suffer because of Doc's imminent impotence?

Ask your friends if they are willing to sacrifice the needs of this district on the altar of loyalty to the Republican power structure? Is this the kind of cause for which they are willing to make a futile gesture?

Then ask them to consider this. Richard Wright is a truly decent man who has every desire to do the right thing. When he gets to Congress he is not going to be a party clone. He has a mind of his own and his most important goal in Congress will be to be the voice for everyone in his district. Because this race has been seen by the national Democratic organization as a backwater, down-the-list race he will not be beholden to them for his seat. Instead he will be free to serve his constituents the way they deserve to be served.