Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Our biggest gun problem

Our biggest gun problem is the one we don't talk about. Most handgun deaths are suicides. Having one in the house just makes it too easy and unrecoverable.

Effective Help For The Homeless

Many homeless folks get trapped by their rap sheets. Utah has found that 
expunging minor infractions from criminal records helps homeless folks get the jobs they need to escape the cycle.

Global warming haitus?

A correction of statistical techniques shows that the purported dampening of global warming from 1998-2013 never actually happened.

Leaked Seattle Audit Concludes Many Mortgage Documents Are Void

Be watching. This story could be going national soon. Banks violated the law by bypassing county records when transferring mortgages. Ton of foreclosures and purchases are about to be declared invalid starting in King County but spreading across the nation.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

In Defense of Planned Parenthood

A personal story shows how Planned Parenthood has a positive impact on the health of women.

'Clean' energy not alway so clean

As an example of unexpected and unintended consequences, it has been shown that impoundments for hydroelectric power actually increase the amount of mercury in the biosphere.  At certain depths, microorganisms convert a non-toxic form of available mercury into a form than is readily absorbed by the biosphere. As a result, biologically active mercury levels are higher below dams than above them.

Unsung Concession in Iran Nuclear Deal

Reporters have completely missed that the biggest deal in the Iran nuclear deal is the 
renunciation of plutonium production. Plutonium is the fastest and least expensive path to a nuclear weapon. That's why almost all of the U.S. weapons use it. Having Iran out of the plutonium business is a huge step to keeping them free of nuclear weapons.