Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is Rome Burning?

Here's a short discussion of a couple of interesting graphs/. The writer is concerned that unlike previous recessions, this one has some serious structural impediments to recovery. But the bad news is that those impediments are not being taken seriously.

Money can buy you happiness...

But only up to a point. So you might as well pay taxes with it.
Comparing people's happiness against income, the researchers found that the more money people earned, the higher their overall life satisfaction. But people's day-to-day emotional state rose with average annual income only until about $75,000, after which additional income made no further difference

Friday, September 10, 2010

Looking Ahead

What can we expect if the Republicans get to set policy?
if Republicans regain power, they will surely do what they did during the Bush years: they won’t seriously try to address the economy’s troubles; they’ll just use those troubles as an excuse to push the usual agenda, including Social Security privatization. They’ll also surely try to repeal health reform, which would be another twofer, reducing economic security even as it increases long-term deficits.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Nanotechnology as a Water Filter

High volume and low cost water filtration is possible thanks to nanoparticles imbedded in simple cotton fabric.

The Real Sarah Palin

A reporter goes looking to write about the real Sarah Palin that the media seems to delight in persecuting. What he finds, despite his best intentions, isn't a pretty sight.

Self-healing concrete

With a little help from bacteria concrete can repair its own cracks.

Full silicon solid state circuits

I think this could be huge. These circuits are much smaller and can be stack into 3-D structures. The effect being used has been seen before but was considered to be flaws causing wafers to be scrapped.