Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Body's Own Bathroom Scales

I've always been blessed with a fairly stable body weight despite sub-optimal eating habits. It turns out the body has own a mechanism for that. This could lead to better understanding and treatments for obesity.

It Isn't Just the Heat

Human-induced global warming may have its most destructive impact by raising humidity in certain areas.

Long-theorized new form of matter, excitonium, finally discovered

Excitonium, Is that like Unobtainium from 'Avatar'?

CRISPR Breakthrough

A recent improvement in the CRISPR technique bypasses some risky problems with the earlier method. The prior method can introduce unanticipated mutations. The new method is much safer. It doesn't change the DNA itself. It changes how the genes express. This area is known as epigenetics. As such it holds much greater promise to treat diseases. It has proven itself for diabetes and muscular dystrophy in mouse models.