Wednesday, July 31, 2002

When Disorder Lurches Into Order: Another nail in the creationism coffin. The creationists often cite the Second Law of Thermodynamics as proof that ordered life could not have arisen naturally from a disordered system. They argue that some sort of supernatural intervention was required. This experiment demonstrates that the second law is somewhat flexible at the molecular level. It seems quite reasonable that ordered, self-replicating molecules could have arisen in such a process. Once present, these molecules could easily served as the molecular seeds upon which the self-replicating protein chemistry of life began to grow.

As a person of faith I believe that there is an interaction between the natural and the Divine. But I also believe that it is the nature of the Divine that no objective evidence will ever be found to prove God's existence. Creation and evolution are cases in point. Science belongs in schools and faith belongs in houses of worship. Schools should not mislead and say that one is the other.

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