Friday, November 22, 2002

Blogging resumes.

From the New Republic.
While PMCs like DynCorp may be popular in Republican Washington, which is now enthusiastically outsourcing many of America's military duties to the private sector, using them in Afghanistan could be a dangerous mistake. Private contractors seldom prove cheaper or more effective than uniformed soldiers. Worse, they are virtually impossible to control and have committed a litany of abuses in America's name. Using these unproven freelancers to guard Karzai thus will send precisely the wrong message to Washington's friends and enemies around the world and will increase the risks of a foreign policy disaster in Afghanistan.

Now that American electorate has abdicated its power to Emperor George, we can expect the slide of our foreign policy and sputtering economy to continue. Before too long the Karzai regime will be history and the warlords will rule again in Kabul. And the remnants of Al Qaida will return to continue their mischief.

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