Wednesday, March 05, 2003

When good science gets ignored. No human study, even those with very high PCB doses, has shown that PCB's caues cancer in humans. Buth the EPA is forcing GE to spend $500 million to clean PCBs from the Hudson river.

...while the EPA is busy protecting us from cancer risks that don't exist, attorney Johnnie Cochran is busy at work in Anniston, Ala., claiming "the lives of just about all the families living (in this small town) have been ripped apart" by Monsanto's release of PCBs years ago.
These obstacles must be addressed and overcome because the consequences of the silence of the scientific community (interpreted as assent) are profound. The assault on science not only distorts health risks, but it threatens innovation, jobs — and our country's enviable high standard of living. Only scientists can effectively counter scientific misinformation. May the barking begin.

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