Thursday, August 21, 2003

Along with his trip to the Pacific Northwest to do some (hopefully precious little) fundraising Bush plans to hijack a successful forest management program and claim that it somehow relates to his healthy (read no-) forests initiative.

Interestingly enough he plans to stop in my fair community tomorrow and pontificate on one of the nearby dams. The local paper made it clear that only the high-ranking Republican party faithful willl have a chance of catching a glimpse of him. The rest of us just have to put up with the incovenience of having our local airport shut down and our commuter traffic all screwed up so he can get an essentially meaningless photo-op. I wonder if they will have all the material cleaned up from that mobile meth-lab that crashed along the route to the dam. Wouldn't it be a howl if they had to HAZMAT his limo after the photo-op?

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