Monday, November 03, 2003

Stem Cell debate reveals character.

Michael Kinsley elucidates how the issue of stem cells has demonstrated the (lack of) depth of character in the current administration.

"THE DISTINGUISHING feature of modern Washington dishonesty is that it is almost transparent, barely intended to deceive. It uses true-ish factoids to construct an implied assertion about reality that is not just false but preposterous. Modern Washington dishonesty is more like an elaborate, stylized ritual than a realistic Western-style performance. The goal is not to persuade but merely to create an impression that there are two sides to the question without actually having to supply one of them."


"How can you restrict embryonic stem-cell research because it encourages the creation and destruction of embryos, and yet praise the fertility industry that creates and destroys embryos by the thousands (and would supply the embryos for stem-cell research, if that were allowed)?
But why get into tedious arguments when bogus facts can see you through?"

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