Monday, January 17, 2005

Congressman Doc Hastings, In the Tank as Usual

A recent press release holds no surprises.
"'According to the latest estimates, Social Security is expected to begin paying out more than it takes in 2018 - and go broke in 2042. It's easy to see the problem that will face today's younger workers if nothing is done to strengthen Social Security.

While reforming Social Security we must avoid pitting grandparent against grandchild.

In my view, Social Security reform must be guided by three basic principles. First, those in or near retirement cannot have the rules changed on them. They have worked for years with certain expectations and their benefits must be protected.

Second, Social Security taxes must not be increased. The tax burden is too high to increase rates further for current workers or for future generations.

Third, younger workers should have the choice to invest a portion of their money in personal, protected retirement accounts.

We owe it to our seniors and to our children and grandchildren to ensure that the system they pay into will be there when they need it most.'"

What an awful batch of bull-squeeezin's!


Anonymous said...

So which are you for cutting benefits, raising taxes or allowing the next generation to choose what happens with their money? I couldn't understand which of those you thought was bad.

Kendall Miller said...

I'm for the disputing the incredible falsehood in the second sentence, "It's easy to see the problem". The rest of it all hinges on the crap in that statement. We are talking about projection that is 37 years out. These projections have always proven to be wrong. So why do Republicans have their collective panties in a twist now?

The right choice has been conveniently excluded from your list and that's the choice to tell the truth to begin with.

Anonymous said...

You're going to be dead by 2042 aren't you? Do you have the same stance on the national debt, the next generation is going to have to handle it so screw them? Why make my life harder to fund stupid policies my generation created, I'll make my kids and their kids pay for it.