Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What the Pre-War Intelligence Reports Do Tell Us

Ken Sanders compares what the President (hswib) knew from the (imperfect) intelligence and what he actually said.
"On no fewer than four separate occasions, Bush flat-out lied about Iraq's nuclear capabilities. Bush took already exaggerated estimations about Iraq's alleged nuclear threat to the U.S. and stretched them even further. The intelligence community, as wrong and as biased as it might have been, told Bush that as of 2002 Iraq was at least five to seven years away from developing a nuclear weapon. Bush looked at that information, deemed it insufficient to scare the nation into supporting his war, and then knowingly and deliberately lied about America's vulnerability to Iraq's nuclear terror."


Anonymous said...

Wow.... did this guy ever read the reports that he references? to quote the report from intel:

Shortly after the Gulf war of 1990-91 the International Atomic Energy Agency and the US Intelligence Community were surprised at how much more advanced Iraq’s program was prior to the war than had been judged previously. In fact, the IAEA’s 1996 report indicated that Iraq could have completed its first nuclear device by as early as late 1992 had the program not been derailed by the Gulf war. Intelligence analysts reevaluated Iraq’s nuclear program in 1994 and 1997 in light of the body of inspection revelations and seized documents and concluded that Iraq could have a nuclear weapon within a year of obtaining sufficient material and, if unconstrained, would take five to seven years with foreign assistance to produce enough fissile material. Those judgments, to which all agencies agreed, have remained consistent for years.

That clearly says that if the Iraq could have a weapon within a year if given the sufficient materials (enriched uranium)and 5-7 years if it had to enrich it. But then again this disagrees with Dem ideas so it must be wrong.

Kendall Miller said...

Please read your quote carefully. That would be within a year AFTER it had the material. But it didn't have the material. Your own quote says it would take 5 to 7 years to produce the material IF unconstrained. But the program was dead after 1991 and was kept dead by the presence of inspectors. In 2002 there were neither the materials nor the program. When Bush talked about the Iraqi nuclear threat at that time he was either talking about an alternate reality or just plain lying.