Sunday, June 12, 2005

Missile "Defense"

Actually it's not really a defense at all. It's just another ploy to win an election.
"Imagine that: First, MDA rushes a defense that won’t defend to meet a deadline that just happens to coincide with a Presidential election. Then, MDA scales way back on necessary testing, lest the bad guys figure out the damn thing doesn’t work.

Brace yourself, it gets worse. Kim Jong-Il probably knows the system is a dog; the dunce who concerns me is George W. Bush.

Bush told a Pennsylvania audience that potential adversaries know “You fire, we’re going to shoot it down”—a disturbing remark that suggests Administration may have an exaggerated notion of effectiveness of the system."

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S.W. Anderson said...

There's no telling what Bush knows or thinks he knows.

What I find disturbing here, aside from wasting billions
on technology that's clearly not ready for prime time, is
that Bush's emphasis is not on, “You fire, we’re going to
vaporize you.” For the fact is, crude and horrible to
contemplate as it is, mutual assured destruction is still
our most valid and useful deterrent, where WMD are concerned.