Friday, July 29, 2005

A Beginner's Campaign (post 3)

I guess my secret is out. The newspaper published a list of the candidates who have filed so far and my name is on it. Members of the cast of the summer musical I am involved in congratulated me at our performance tonight. I had hoped that I would have a little more time to get some stuff organized before it became public knowledge. But it's too late now.


S.W. Anderson said...

Congratulations — you go, girl.

That said, why say you'd make an awful councilmember and then clown around? From what I've seen in my community, it doesn't take a Ph.D. in government or public administration to do a competent job. It does require doing some homework, listening to people, and disciplining oneself to take a longterm view and, maybe most of all, using common sense.

Judging by your posts, I sense you'd make a good councilmember.

Injecting some humor into a campaign is a great idea. But I urge you not to give people the idea you consider the effort a throwaway.(That includes blogging.) Doing that could come across as kind of insulting, possibly giving the impression you don't consider serving your community important.

Sorry this is sounding bossy; I mean well.

Kendall said...

Thanks for your supporting comments. But the fact of the matter is I can't afford the pay cut I'd have to take.

S.W. Anderson said...

Does city council service in your community really require a full-time commitment? I've gotten the impression that many mid-size, even some smaller, communities get less-than-optimal service because of they have a part-time mayor, but council members are another matter.

Kendall said...

When I look at all the additional boards and commissions the councilmen sit on I think it may be a part-time job in name only. One of the current members has offered to mentor me a little and I may take him up on that. That could be an education in itself.