Monday, January 09, 2006

Doc Hastings visits Framatome.

He still doesn't understand that Social Security is more solvent than the rest of our government.

On inheritance tax he thinks that the big money should remain in the family. Those children were born with a silver spoon in their mouths and no one has the right to take it away.

Any questions about Congressional ethics are dealt with in secret. The public does not have a right to know.

The American healthcare system is the best thing since sliced bread. If people would just go ahead and die younger everyone's insurance costs would be much less. On the positive side he floated the idea that individuals should be entitled to the same tax break for insurance premiums that employers get. If you really want to save money on healthcare keep your foreign citizenship handy.

Prescription benefit is not really all that complicated. Just go to the various providers with your list of prescriptions and see who gives you the best deal. Now how many providers are there? God help you if you sign a contract and your health situation changes and you need different drugs. Tried to blame the complexity on government when the complexity is due to the drug companies who wrote the bill.

Legal immigration is so difficult it's no wonder we have so many illegals. Major sections of agriculture have always depended on migrant workers. In early days the migrant workers were citizens, now they are almost all aliens. Any immigration reform must have a workable guest worker provision because alien workers are an important part of our economy.

Yucca Mountain will be built eventually regardless of what Nevadans think.

He would like to replace the progressive income tax with an (un)FAIR tax. Essentially a sales tax at the national level. The only problem is the 16th amendment to the constitution.


Carl said...

There's other problems with the FAIR tax. Most notably that it's awful and ineffective. Is there anybody out there who can run against him? Some upstart county commissioner? Some returning vet? Anybody?

Jimmy said...

And there are even bigger problems with his immigration ideas. A fence creates farm worker shortages and still illegal folks, none of whom vote. A guest worker program creates documented workers who, ironically, cannot vote and still does not solve illegal immigration as there are other reasons to come to this country than to do farm work... eh?

Kendall said...

There only announced candidate I know of is Richard Wright. He lost to Sandy Matheson in the 2004 Primary. The party leaders were supporting Sandy at the time but it may be different this time around. Richard is a rather centrist democrat which may be what it takes to win the district. All our county commissioners are Repubs so there's no help there.

This district is highly pork-dependent so the best credential is to be in the part that controls the House. Therefore a Democratic Congress will be what drives the 4th district to Democratic representative.