Monday, February 06, 2006

Mary Beth Gets It

Our current bungling leadership is truly unworthy of the sacrifices made by our soldiers and their families. Mary Beth Harrell is a candidate for the Texas 31st CD.

Courtesy of Kos:
"I'm running because this Congress, with the exception of folks like Jack Murtha, has proved unworthy of their sacrifice and service.

Why isn't Congress fighting as hard for our country as my sons, and so many others' sons and daughters, are fighting for our country?

I will fight for a withdrawal strategy in Iraq that is worthy of every man and woman serving in uniform.

I will fight to hold accountable those ungrateful cynics and political hacks who had that dead soldier's mom ejected from a public meeting and jailed.

I will fight to restore integrity to our government so it is worthy of her son's love for his country - because he gave everything and so did she. It is certainly the least that we can and should do."

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