Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Abortion: saving babies or punishing women?

In jest, sort of, ampersand posts a table that calls the motives of the anti-abortion movement into question.


Christina Dunigan said...

Here's what I don't get: people saying that prolifers want to "punish women" for having sex. We consider babies to be a blessing. How can anybody equate "we want you to have this blessing" with punishment?

Now, maybe prochoicers hate babies and consider them vermin and would rather have an infestation of rats and cockroaches, but prolifers don't think that way. We like babies and really can't grasp how anybody could look at a baby and sneer, "Look what a horrible punishment!"

Kendall Miller said...

What prolifers don't get is that many women are not like them. What arrogance! "I think babies are blessings so everyone else must agree with me." There are all kinds of reasons women want to terminate pregnancies and I dare say that there are one or two you yourself might entertain if you were in the similar circumstances. The fact is that the pro-life position is simply unjustifiable. If there in a conceivable situation that may justify terminating a single pregnancy the pro-life position falls like the house of cards it is.

Women have always had unprotected sex and always will. The rational things to do are to do as much as we can to keep unwanted pregnancies from happening in the first place, to give the women the help they need to deal with the children for whom they can not provide, and allow abortions for those cases where other options are no good. Pro-choice policies have reduced the number of abortions more that pro-life policies could ever hope to do.