Sunday, April 13, 2008

What Gregoire license plate scandal?

You just have to smile shake your head at the Washington State Republicans. They are soooo desperate. The happened to see an Oregon license on the bus Chris Gregoire is using to tour the state. And they just couldn't help to project their own version of reality in which they believe Washington has a bad business climate. Chris Mulick and the bus company counter the Republican fantasy with a few facts.

These Republicans are similar to the ones who have run our nation for so long in that their beliefs are more important to them than the facts. And they prove it time after time. The insidious thing about that illusion is that it is self-perpetuating. Fact-checking them is pointless because, for them, facts have no value anyway.

Washington voters have a clear choice. They can choose leaders for whom facts matter. Or they can choose people for whom they don't. But one thing you can count on. Washington voters will get the kind of government they deserve.

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