Saturday, June 14, 2008

Global Limits Of Biomass Energy

From the article, Global Limits Of Biomass Energy:
"Research is booming to improve energy crops and methods of converting crops to fuel. Already, Brazil gets 30% of its automotive fuel from ethanol distilled from sugar cane. But critics warn that “energy farming” will gobble up land needed to grow food or will impinge on natural ecosystems, possibly even worsening the climate crisis."
So added to the rise in food costs as farming moves to energy products, there just isn't enough arable land to farm our ways out of the energy problem.

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Anonymous said...

Biomass isn't enough. If all want to live like Al and Tipper, time to go nuclear..

SHOCK: 100,000 Chernobyl-type Nuclear Reactors Required to Sustain Gore Lifestyle [XLS]