Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jay Inslee Endorses George Fearing

Congressman Jay Inslee endorses Candidate George Fearing
Inslee, a Champion of Alternative Energy and Hanford Clean-up, first elected to US House of Representatives from the 4th District

RICHLAND, WA: Central Washington's Congressional Candidate, George Fearing, received the formal endorsement of Congressman Jay Inslee (D-WA). Inslee defeated incumbent Republican Doc Hastings in 1992. Now representing the 1st District in the Puget Sound-area, Jay is championing an initiative in Congress called the New Apollo Energy Project that will marshal the resources of the federal government to support the development, manufacture, and deployment of new clean energy technologies in the United States.

"Voters in Central Washington have a great opportunity to change the direction of the region and the country. George has a lot of energy behind his effort, and it is clear that on a national scale people want to set aside ideology, and solve the problems we face," said Inslee, who received 22.6% in the 1992 Primary before winning the General Election with 50.8%. This year, Fearing took 35% of the Primary vote, which bodes well for the candidate as the Democratic General election outcomes reflect a 16% jump, averaged for 36 years, over the Primary result1.

George Fearing is a public interest attorney in the race in Central Washington's 4th Congressional District. Fearing received more Primary votes than any Democrat in the District's history. Hastings, a 14-year incumbent who pledged to serve only 6 terms when he signed the 'Contract With America' as a candidate in 1994, has received substantially fewer votes, placing him considerably behind gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi in the 4th District.

"We have missed opportunities to support alternative energy1," said Inslee. "It will be great to have a Representative who will work every day to create jobs by advancing alternative energy research, development and production. We need a Representative who will make the region energy independent while creating millions of new, high-wage American jobs in the clean energy industry. George Fearing will employ Central Washington's natural assets to make the region a leader in this burgeoning industry."

"Everywhere we go, citizens are talking about the need for a new energy future," said Fearing. "People want nuclear power, yet the incumbent has done nothing to advance this issue, which would create more than 20,000 jobs and secure our power supply. I am the first Democrat in Washington since Dixy Lee Ray to support the construction of nuclear power plants. The incumbent has not fought to obtain adequate funding for Hanford cleanup, preferring to let our US Senators do the work. People are angry that the incumbent has raised the national debt time and time again, and spending our country into recession. Voters are demanding new accountability and common sense that focuses on their priorities." Fearing added: "Keeping Hastings in Congress is like the country being led by teenagers left alone with a credit card."

More than 90% of the energy produced in the State of Washington is generated in the 4th Congressional District through hydroelectric, nuclear power, wind, and solar. The Grand Coulee Dam was the first major power producer, and research is underway advancing geothermal and wave technology.
"Democrats built this district," said Fearing. "Every major energy, agricultural and transportation project in Central Washington was funded when Democrats representing this district were in Congress. The Grand Coulee Dam. Dams on the Yakima, Snake, and Columbia Rivers. The Columbia Basic Reclamation Project. The Manhattan Project and the Public Power Supply System Reactors. Interstates 82 and 182. It is time we get back to investing in our district and securing our future."

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