Thursday, December 30, 2010

Un-spinning debt and taxes

George Curry makes a pass at correcting some popular misconceptions but can't resist the urge to spin a few things himself. It should be clear that Bush was not responsible for the 2001 recession. However his handling of it increased the national debt, gave a windfall to the wealthy, and did nothing to increase jobs. By the same token, the higher taxes under Clinton provided a real improvement to the government balance sheet and didn't hurt the economy. The tech bubble grew and burst regardless of the tax structures. In my opinion the wealthy are their own worst enemies. By amassing and holding great wealth they eventually tend to stifle broad economic growth. It takes the government to pry that wealth out of their hands and inject it back into the economy where it does good for everyone rather than the few. A proper tax structure can recover amassed wealth who no longer can possess it since they are dead and can encourage the kind of private sector spending that keeps an economy strong.

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