Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Klippert Touts his bills

• House Bill 1150 – Would allow a business seven days, instead of two, to continue their misbehavior before they can be issued a fine or penalty.
• House Bill 1151 – Would require that agencies be granted specific statutory authority before they can regulate the way they were established to regulate.
• House Bill 1156 – Claims that jobs would be created by putting a freeze on new rules or regulations by state agencies until 2014, or when the economy recovers. If the public needs protection by a regulation, forget it.
• House Bill 1388 – Would prohibit implementation of new energy building codes until April 1, 2012, giving the big campaign contributors in the construction industry a chance to make more money building substandard buildings for a while.
• House Joint Resolution 4213 – Would make it nearly impossible to balance the state's budget without loss of vital services by making permanent the two-thirds vote requirement to raise taxes by passing a constitutional amendment.

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