Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Medicaid stimulation

It seem crazy to refuse Medicaid money.  This article points out how Medicaid money actually stimulates more economic activity that the initial dollar value.  For a state to refuse it is the same as refusing to do something to help that state's economy.  And that's appears to be the Republican agenda, to do nothing to improve the economy and weirdly try to blame it on the Democrats.  In my opinion, this lack of effective governance deserves being swept out of office.


OztN Miller said...

The refusals are symbolic--like most everything the R's are doing lately. I have noticed that Obama keeps pushing change and action, but the R's just keep talkin'.

Kendall said...

In some sense, it is the fault of the electorate. As long as people are willing to vote based on style instead of substance, we can expect this sort of behavior to continue.