Saturday, July 06, 2013

Crabby Conservatism

There is a class of people who are quick to be critical of others.  Perhaps they have been targets of excessive criticism in te past and they live a life fraught with insecurities. Unfortunately, this sometimes comes out in supermarket checkout lines.  Yes, food stamp fraud exists.  But, typically, it occurs when a disreputable establishment exchanges an amount of cash for a higher amount of food stamps.  When you see a person paying with food stamps, you can be pretty sure that they are indeed poor and are doing the best they can.

From someone who has been there,
"When you get that money, you feel like you can breathe," she said. "I can understand why people would buy things that people think are outrageous. When it comes, you feel like I can buy whatever food I want right now. You never can buy whatever you want. My clothes are hand-me-down, furniture second-hand. The food is new and mine."

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