Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Who Wants Trump?

Here's a good analysis of who Trump supporters are. As you might expect, the results don't align with conventional wisdom.

What makes a Trump supporter? Surveys show that racial resentment is a much bigger factor than income, education, or view of the economy. A person with a higher income is more likely to support Trump than on with a low income. A large segment of Trump supporters are less-educated, blue-collar workers who are gainfully employed. A Trump supporter is likely to live in a zip code which is homogeneously white. Folks who have contact with immigrants are not Trump supporters. Manufacturing areas are less likely to support Trump as are areas which have high exposure to Chinese imports. It isn't the poor whites who are experiencing global economic dislocation who support Trump. His base seems to be reasonably well-off white folks who are concerned about maintaining their de facto segregated white bubble.

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