Friday, November 11, 2016

George Takei's Advice For How To Prevail

  1. We may not have prevailed, but we must not despair.
  2. This does not feel like the America you love and honor. We are in unchartered waters.
  3. In times like these we must reaffirm the values we cherish and have fought for: equality, justice, the care of our planet.
  4. We must stand up defiantly to any dark or divisive acts, and look out for the most vulnerable among us. It is more important than ever.
  5. Within our hearts we know the society we wish to live in. No one can take that vision from us. We are each of us keepers of that promise.
  6. This country has seen wars and grave injustices, slavery and even civil war in its past. Yet we found our way through. We will now, too.
  7. Hold your loved ones close. Tell them that it is in times of sadness and in the toughest of days where we often find our true mettle.

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