Wednesday, January 22, 2003

James S. Robbins posits that precision strike weapons are the answer to Saddam's inspection theater. That's just so silly. He misses the rope-a-dope solution:

I give up, Socrates. Here's my spear. You have found it and I am now disarmed.

But Xenophon, I don't believe you to be an honorable man. Could you yet have other spears of which I know nothing?

Of course I could. But having given you the spear for which you were searching, no one else is going to help you search any longer. Just go back home and have a party with your rich friends and let me go back to selling the melons sought after by so many of those same rich friends.

But you could take the proceeds from the melons to manufacture even more spears. I will have to continue to watch you to prevent you from making spears.

Watch all you want. All I really wanted anyway was more arrows than anyone else in the neighborhood. And you'll just be looking for spears.

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