Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Okay, Saddam. It's almost time. Almost time to cough up those old, obsolete bio and chem weapons and make little bush look like a fool. Not all of them mind you. Just the old, rusty 12-year-old ones. (Don't worry about actually having them taken away. If they are rusty enough, no one will want to get near them.)

That big warship bearing down you will have all the wind taken out of its sails and stop dead in the water. If you give up a big chunk now, the support for an American invasion will evaporate and W and company will be standing there with egg on their face. If you give up enough, the inspectors will go home and your European trading partners will really put the pressure on to have those pesky sanctions lifted.

And hey! After the sanctions go you are home, free. You can buy whatever you want and go back to business as usual. Monday Night tortures, here we come.

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