Tuesday, December 28, 2004


It looks like they are going to hold off on the new wave of dollar-busting tax giveaways so they can concentrate on the fine butchering of Social Security.


Anonymous said...

It is far past time to abort the abomination of Socialist Security. That Ponzi scheme was doomed to failure right from the beginning. Fine tuning it is NOT an option. Privatizing it is NOT an option. Elimination is the only moral course of action. Federally held lands can be auctioned off to fund the phase out of its current obligations. That'll solve two crimes at the same time.

Kendall Miller said...

Such a silly guy.

Anonymous said...

Not silly at all. Just committed to individual rights and justice which is why I absolutely despise socialism and the leeches and looters who promote it. Taking what one man has earned at gunpoint and giving to another man who has not earned it is armed robbery. Doesn't matter that you hired an agent to perform the task. It is still morally abominable and the most unchristian of acts.

Kendall Miller said...

Yeah. Hanging on to money is really important. And so is the illusion that it has actually been earned. Few that have a more-than-comfortable living can honestly say that they earned it all from their own efforts. From an article by Matthew Miller: (talking about Warren Buffet)
'"Credit America for most of this value, not me," the multi-billionaire continues. "If the receptionist and I had been born in, say, Bangladesh, the story would have been far different. There, the market value of our respective talents would not have varied greatly."

Put simply, Buffett is crediting luck - where he was born and what talents he happened to come into the world with - with being the major force in explaining differences in economic status.

Buffett's sensitivity to the "pre-birth lottery" tends to be in short supply among America's well-to-do. Polls show that the richer people are, the more likely they are to feel that their wealth is a function of effort as opposed to luck.'

Now what does it tell me about you that you value your money so much?