Saturday, February 05, 2005

Juan Cole vs Jonah Goldberg

And it's not a pretty sight. Jonah needs to back to the farm club he came from.


Anonymous said...

too bad cole himself was for the war. dont mean to burst yer bubble.

Kendall said...

It was nice of Tony to look up the particulars on Juan Cole's assertions. It's too bad that his reading comprehension leaves something to be desired. I guess it's fortunate that most of his readers must be too lazy to search out and read the full context of those quotes for themselves. That would really threaten the persecution complex that supplies the energy for right-wing operations like Campus Watch.

In every post quoted by Mr. Braden Juan shows to be genuinely realistic about the problems with Saddam Hussein while at the same time aghast about how the justification for the war was trumped up by the Bush (hswib) administration. Furthermore, Juan proves to have predicted three years ago the situation in which the American forces and the Iraqi people find themselves today.

In reading Professor Cole these days I have found him to be thoughtful and astute. In going back and looking at the archives I see that he as been that way for quite some time.

Cole is consistent and Braden is a hack. And some people are unable to tell the difference.