Friday, September 30, 2005

DeLay, spinning 24/7

It's almost as if he were a compulsive liar. Whenever he tries to make himself look innocent, facts come out that run against him.
The day after U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay's grand jury indictment, his lawyer and the jury foreman on Thursday appeared to contradict the Texas politician's assertions that he was not given a chance to speak before the jury.

The foreman, William M. Gibson Jr., a retired state insurance investigator, said the Travis County grand jury waited until Wednesday, the final day of its term, to indict him because it was hoping he would accept jurors' invitation to testify.

DeLay said in interviews that the grand jury never asked him to testify.


Dustin said...

"Never asking me to testify, never doing anything for two years," DeLay said in the interview. "And then, on the last day of his fourth or sixth grand jury, he indicts me. Why? Because his goal was to make me step down as majority leader."

which part of that was a lie?
Did "he" (Earle) ask him to testify?

Kendall said...

1. "Never asking me to testify" Delay was invited to testify. It wasn't a subpoena but it sounds like an "ask" to me.
2. "never doing anything for two years...then, on the last day". Delay was indicted on the last day because his invitation to testify remained open until then. The grand jury held out hope for Delay to accept the invitation as long as they could.
3. "he indicts me" Technically the grand jury did the indicting, not Ronnie Earle. But it's clear that DeLay is intent on casting Earle as politically motivated. It's much harder to cast a grand jury made up of both Democrats and Republicans as politically motivated than a single DA.
4. "Because is goal was to make me step down" Again, DeLay strains to "straw man" the indictment into a political vendetta. He say this not because it's true but because it's the best schoolboy excuse he can muster.