Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Delicious Scenario

There is talk today that with Bolton aide, John Hannah, getting a target letter from Fitzgerald, the whole Plame thing is about to explode in the hands of key members of the administration. There are rumors that Cheney might resign and Rice could be appointed the new Veep. The problem I've always had with a Bush (hswib) impeachment is that it would leave us with Cheney. But if he goes it makes it open season in my book. Condy, in my opinion, is no less evil than the rest of the pack but at least she is smarter and her capacity for evil acts will restricted at least by the exclusion of stupid evil acts.

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S.W. Anderson said...

The 25 percent of the electorate that makes up Bush's hard-core base and his lockstep marching band in Congress won't let Bush be taken down, no matter what.

Cheney might be obliged to walk the plank, if worse comes to worst, but no way will they let Bush go down.

A more likely scenario is that I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby (isn't it kind of insipid to be a middle-aged man going around being called Scooter? Glad he wasn't nicknamed Binky or Stinky.) will fall on his sword to save those above. Maybe a couple of others as well. That's how they do it.