Thursday, October 27, 2005

Losing the Wheels

Think about it. It's almost like a perfect storm is gathering over the White House and the Republican Congress. Indictments are coming for "senior White House officials", indictments have been handed down for the key leader in the House, an ill-advised war is going poorly, and the country's fiscal state gets more and more precarious. When this administration (hswib) came into power I knew we were headed for dark days. The only skill they had demonstrated was in winning elections (barely) but no skill at actually governing. I hoped with all my heart that the chicken would come home to roost before they were able to sneak out of town and indeed they have. Their downfall is not due to particular zealotry on the part of the opposition as much as it is on professionals doggedly pursuing their public duty. I can only hope that all this serves as an object lesson for future leaders. Short term compromises on integrity have long term negative consequences.

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S.W. Anderson said...

Dogged professionals doing their thing, yes, but also these creeps are reaping the consequences of their own hubris and excesses.

If they get Roe v. Wade tossed out, maybe land us in a war with Iran and/or if our many foreign creditors start getting really balky about extending more credit, an aroused public will probably finally have had enough.

Maybe then these conservative Republicans, will be banished to the political wilderness for a few decades, as they were after the Great Depression.