Sunday, July 12, 2009

Benton County suffers Republican Incompetence

As if the incompetence and irrelevance of the Republican party at the national level isn't enough, a couple of our local Republican county officials cook up a crazy scheme to achieve the consolidation of the local crisis center. Brad Peck seems bent on taking money from the struggling transit system with any convenient excuse. He was shot down in the past when he wanted to take the money for the Franklin County jail. And thankfully he was shot down again this time for wanting to take public transportation money for the Crisis Center. What is with this guy and his new wannabe jerk, Jim Beaver? It's not bad enough that Republicans are always looking for ways to destroy needed government services by starving them of funds but they are willing to take the funds that have been approved by the taxpayers for a given purpose and use them somewhere else.

There seem to be two classes of Republicans: those who live such a life of wealth and privilege that they have no need for public services and those who cluelessly use public services without understanding that taxes are required to provide them. They are like John Boehner who thought the government had deserted him when we he was on welfare and food stamps.

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