Friday, August 31, 2012

Anti-gay bigotry

How to debunk homophobia:

Those who think homosexuality is a choice reveal themselves as bisexual.  Gender preference isn't much of a choice for the rest of us.

Those who say that homosexuality is disgusting don't have a very realistic idea of what heterosexual sex is like.  Parts is parts and heterosexuals do everything that homosexuals do.

Homosexuality is no more a mental illness than red hair is an illness.  It can't be "fixed" and homosexuals have the same mental stability and capacity that the rest of the population does.

If homosexuality is unnatural or against God's design, then so is religious incentivized monogamy.  The penis has the peculiar shape it has to help expel the seminal fluid from the vaginal canal of other men who have been there in the last 48 hours.  That's what is natural.

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