Sunday, August 19, 2012

Where's the Beef?

My recent letter to the editor of the Tri-City Herald (headline provided by TCH):
Imagine what a powerful thing it would be for Romney to be able to show with his tax returns that he is grateful for the opportunities for success provided by this country. He could say, "Because this country has been good for me, I am willing to pay taxes on the money I earn here. Because this country has been good to me, I want to serve to make sure it is just as good for everyone." But for some reason, Romney can't or won't demonstrate such gratitude.
If he won't, it shows that he and his team are not very smart campaigners. If he can't, it shows that his ambition for the job has more to do with selfish goals than the general good. In either case, he is not qualified to be our country's leader. At the moment, Romney looks like someone who skims the cream without being willing to pay his fair share to feed the cow.

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