Tuesday, May 07, 2002

I wonder if the time is indeed come to drop race as a way of identifying ethnicity. Genetically there is no real basis for it. Socially it is an imperfect method of classification. There is no reason that any given black or hispanic has necessarily suffered a social disadvantage and is in need of social redress. Surely there is a better way of identifying those individuals who have indeed suffered and for whom compensation is due. It is even reasonable to extend the compensation to maybe the third generation of those who may have suffered. A method like this would conserve resources for those who really need them. Perhaps California will be the first state to grapple with this.

Arianna Huffington contrasts the shortage of spending proposed on nuclear security with the ease with which Bush gives back tax dollars to rich people.

Darwin was most perplexed about how evolution could arrive at something as stunning as an eye. But
detailed cellular examination has begun to show that the eye is indeed within the realm of evolutionary principles. However, the evolution of the just the lens shows how complex evolution can be.

Bush seems especially determined to not only show that the
US can not be trusted to abide by its agreements but also that the US is not willing to really be a team player. I wonder how long it takes before the US loses all her friends. They will not take this kind of abuse forever.

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