Wednesday, May 01, 2002

It is encouraging to hear that there are methods for housing the homeless that actually work.

American farmers and quite possibly all international producers are caught in a cycle of subsidies that distorts the markets. Unfortunately it's a game that almost every country plays. It is going to take some real genius to end these distortions and return the markets to a sound footing.

Just read an old article from Slate that explains why Mormons are pro-embryonic stem-cell research and pro-life. In Mormon theology all spirits were created prior to the physical creation. Life begins when the spirit inhabits the body. How is that point defined? Current Mormon thinking is that that occurs at implantation but there is no explicit guidance in the Mormon scripture so there is room for some interpretation. It seems to me that the spirit is essentially a mental process and that at least a nervous system needs to be present to house it.

There is a real financial reason for eschewing the death penalty. Is it really worth it?

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