Sunday, September 29, 2002

Gregg Easterbrook attempts to parse the practicalities of the real risk of WMD's. He makes a point in that chemical and biological warfare have not proven to be very effective in practice or even in accidents. The real WMD is nuclear and that is were most of our focus should be.

Since my hit count is so low I doubt Saddam is reading this so I think it is safe to mention this. Remember the Hoof-and-Mouth outbreak in Great Britain? It just about put the British beef industry underwater. That particular virus is so contagious that one could contaminate a single washcloth and make a tour of few cattle auctions in the States and rub it on a snout or two. I think the impact here would not be dissimilar than Britain's.

The real threat is that an enemy may come up with a form of attack that we have not anticipated properly. Like flying airplanes into a building or infecting a highly mobile herd of beef cattle.

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