Sunday, September 22, 2002

I posted a link and some excerpts from Den Beste's Who is our enemy? piece on a Beliefnet discussion board specializing in Islamic Challenge and Critique. They lost no time in pulling it. Their reason:
I have deleted your post for malevalent disrespect. One of the reasons
that I did this is that you reference a highly insulting article and yet
pose no question or take no position in your post. Although this is
Islamic C&C simple posting of an inflammatory article does not qualify as

My response:
I realize it may have been hard for some people to read but it is more accurate than a great deal of material that you allow to be posted.
Did you bother the read the article? It is a valid critique of much of current Islamic culture. Wahhabism and its like has failed and it is going to remain a threat to the security of the US until it is destroyed or those portions of Islam that can not reform.
Steven Den Beste is not an ideological writer who comes to his opinions lightly. He is well-respected and has an excellent reputation.
How long will it be before someone points out that the emperor has no clothes?

My first thought was to complain about a double standard in that the Islamic participants appear to be given a fair amount of latitude when speaking critically of the West. But that would be silly. We can handle criticism. Even if others can't.

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