Friday, July 16, 2004

Even Republicans and Military Members Applaud Fahrenheit 9/11

An assessment of how F 9/11 is playing with the infidels.


oyster said...

I think it's uncanny how the movie ends on such an emotional note and elicits the ovations described in the linked article. I couldn't remember the last time an audience gave a strong, well-rounded ovation at the end of a movie. I say F 9/11 among many who were not obviously leftist anti-Bushies, and they clapped with nearly as much vigor as everyone else when the movie concluded.

A lot of the movie's power has to do with the honest, straightforward handling of the interviews with the soldiers. Moore shows the good and the bad, and allows reality to speak for itself. I'm extremely thankful he walked that tightrope successfully, since conservatives are eager to charge the left with bashing the military.

Anyways, here's hoping Fahrenheit tops $100 million in a well-publicized fashion.

Kendall said...

I just saw the movie myself yesterday. Michael has indeed put together a powerful piece. Having lived through the Vietnam era I had thought that our country would have learned about the tragic human cost of war and would thereby never engage in it without an overpoweringly good reason. It's really sad that we have to learn this lesson again.