Friday, July 16, 2004

"Hollywood Donor" Canard

In the news and in recent talking points the Republicans have been making the noise again about how the Democratic party is so strongly supported by entertainers and the entertainment industry. But when you look at the numbers at the is no story there.

In the TV/Movie industry the giving is $10 mill to $5 mill for the Democrats.
For lawyers it's $73 mill to $35 mill for Democrats.
For labor it's $28 mill to $5 mill for Democrats
Dems ahead by $66 mill

For finance/insurance/real estate it's $107 mill to $70 for Republicans
For health it's $42 mill to $23 mill for Republicans
For construction it's $27 mill to $10 mill for Republicans
For agribusiness it's $20 mill to $8 mill for Republicans
For defense it's $6 mill to $4 mill for Republicans
For energy it's $21 mill to $7 mill for Republicans
For transportation it's $20 mill to $7 mill for Republicans
For misc business it's $64 mill to $36 mill for Republicans
Republicans in these areas ahead by $129 mill

Which nets to $63 mill ahead for the Republicans.

Sure, there's a few big donors in the entertainment industry. But they are more than offset by the big donors in other businesses. The Republicans are doing quite well in the money department and it is disingenuous for them to be whining.

In terms of the top contributors to the presidential campaigns it may seem disconcerting for educational institutions to be listed but the note to the side indicates that these are bundled contributions from individuals associated with the institution rather than from the institution itself.

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Dustin said...
shows how the 527s play into the elections also. Notice that top 3 are slanted toward the dems, that totals $105.5 mil millions of that is duplicated but compare that with the republicans paultry $8.7 mil also if you take a look at the indivdual donors at:
It shows that top 19 donors are all dems while the 20th donates to reps, his small amount of $.425 mil pales in comparision of the top 3 roughly $8 mil each also a donation of $5 mil by the number 13 that wasn't added since it was just through her biz. That was what I was talking about, if you look back in history also the dems got more in soft money, and larger lump sums. Reps got more tightwads that can drop a couple grand but won't even think of giving candidates 10k. Oh and you are correct on tv/movie point though compariably there was much less than I had thought and heard of, guess when a movie person gives money and a normal person gives money, the movie person gets more press time about it. But looks like big biz is backing dems too.