Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Why no WMDs

My Bush apologist friend still thinks that WMDs are out there somewhere even though the source of the mobile biological warfare labs data has been completely discredited.


Dustin said...

I guess that is true since one out of the four witness's has been found false that there must have never been any labs and these:
are actually ploys by the CIA to pin the whole war in Iraq on John Kerry. Wait no, I got one better it was masterminded by Halliburton and the Carlyle Group to kill African American soldiers.

S.W. Anderson said...

Psst. Full details on Saddam's WMD and where they went can be found in the offices of the Central Directorate of Close Operational Coordination With Our Bloodthirsty al Qaeda Brothers, in a nondescript office building in downtown Baghdad. For directions to that, seek out Ibrahim al-Rechid, who hawks counterfeit iPods and factory-blem George Foreman Grills on streetcorners in the area.

OK, OK, I made all that up. But at this late date, the whole Saddam's WMD concept is getting to be satirical. It's not a laughing matter, though, with 900 lives lost.

Kendall Miller said...

The way good intelligence works is that when you get a bit of good information you can go out and find other independent sources that add to it. Independent detainees have made it clear that Iran had a great many collaborative contacts with Al-Qaida. The more you dig, the more you expect to find. But when you dig and keep coming up empty it what they call out in the oil patch a "dry hole".

Dustin said...

Not seeing the relation to BW or WMD for these comments.