Monday, March 28, 2005

The Creationist Strategy

One of the reasons fundamentalists are such masters of playing the victim card is because they are so intent on mounting attacks themselves. With the ascendance of the Enlightenment that is the true fountain of the principles on which our form of government is based, the tyranny of religion was exiled to the isolated cultish communities of faith here and there while the religious mainstream learned to accommodate life in a civil, pluralistic society. In this mode the factually uninformed religious beliefs of a large portion of our populace were fairly harmless because they were separated from the organs of power.

But today it has become a new ballgame. The zealots have now been able to sieze power and they are actively disassembling the high standard of objective reality in the public discourse. When good science must take a knee to bad theology our country has a deep problem. And that is what is happening all across the nation. These people are barbarians and the ideals of America are in real danger from them.

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