Thursday, March 17, 2005

What people don't know won't hurt us

Steven Aftergood on the Bush (hswib) overview-obstructing methods:
"The information blackout may serve the short-term interests of the present administration, which is allergic to criticism or even to probing questions. But it is a disservice to the country. Worst of all, the Bush administration's information policies are conditioning Americans to lower their expectations of government accountability and to doubt their own ability to challenge their political leaders.

Information is the oxygen of democracy. Day by day, the Bush administration is cutting off the supply."

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S.W. Anderson said...

Aha! I've tried to leave comments several times recently. This is the first time in weeks that it's worked. I sent an e-mail. Did you do somethinng to fix it, or was I just unlucky the other times?

Anyway, as to Bush & Co., I sometimes wonder if this is really calculated deviousness.

It may just be that they are so thoroughly acculturated to to the top-down, CEO/boardroom/corporate way of doing things that they can't conceive of anything being wrong with paying to mold public opinion, and of getting "news" reported the way they're willing to pay to have it reported.

That still leaves them dense as petrified wood, of course, just not as purposely devious as they're sometimes given credit for being.