Sunday, March 20, 2005

What a show!

Read all of Digby's post:
"''These politicians,'' Shorty hissed, her hands trembling with emotion. ``They're just playing a game. It's not about her anymore, it's about them getting what they want. It's about them wanting to look good in front of the people who are pro-life. I'm against abortion, too, but I believe each person has their own right to decide. You know in your heart what is right for you and you have to live with any decision you make.''"
Despite all the rhetoric to the contrary, all this hoopla is about the dispute between Chaivo's husband and parents. If they had been in agreement either way it would be a done deal. Constitutional scholars are quite concerned about the precedent this case sets on federal review of the decisions of state courts it cases of this kind. Right now the right is happy with the feds sticking their noses into state jurisdictions because the current federal courts lean their way. But watch out for the hypocritical screaming that will ensue when the courts start leaning the other way. All we'll hear is states rights, states rights, states rights. That's moral values for you.

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