Tuesday, September 03, 2002

This piece puts into words what I have thought from the beginning of the current administration.
Even if, for the purpose of this discussion, you accept the legitimacy of the Bush Presidency it is impossible not to be amazed by the audacity of its underlying mendacity. Mr Bush was unelected in perhaps the most contentious election in American history. Yet from the very earliest days of his administration he has acted as though he had a clear and decisive mandate. Working off an agenda that picked up from where Reagan/Bush had left off eight years earlier as though no time had passed -- and the conditions and world order had remained set in place -- they quickly established as their modus operandi the creation of well woven fictional rationalizations for policies arrived upon as a matter of faith. Rather than have the circumstances dictate the response, these people do what it is they wish and then create a reason to justify it.

It's almost like they sat down and calculated the amount of power they had and how much of their agenda they could ram through with no regard for the opposition's objections. This is a pure power play based on a presidency that is only technically legitimate. God willing this corruption of democratic principles will not stand.

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