Monday, November 01, 2004

Head in Sand Department

It's time to pull our heads out.
The most comprehensive international assessment of Arctic climate change has concluded that Earth's upper latitudes are experiencing unprecedented increases in temperature, glacial melting and weather pattern changes, with most of those changes attributable to the human generation of greenhouse gases from automobiles, power plants and other sources.

The 144-page report is the work of a coalition of eight nations that have Arctic territories -- including the United States, which has hosted and financed the coalition's secretariat at the University of Alaska.

The findings, which reflect four years of study, confirm earlier evidence that the Arctic is warming far more quickly than the earth overall, with temperature increases in some northern regions exceeding by tenfold the average 1 degree Fahrenheit increase experienced on Earth in the past 100 years.
Or we could just send the report back for more study until we get the answer the administration wants like we did with all those intelligence reports on Iraq. Wouldn't want to reduce greenhouse gases on a whim or anything. Someone's profits might go down.

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