Tuesday, November 02, 2004


I originally started this blog to give vent to my frustrations with the policies of this country under the Republican administration. As I have matured in my understanding I learned that just giving voice to my concerns doesn't amount to more than a bucket of warm spit. Regardless of the depth of my personal feelings and convictions they are no more significant in this world than the next person who never devoted more than 5 seconds thinking about it. It does no good to just become more and more shrill. In the end none of the message penetrates into the heads of the clueless and uncaring.

I greatly fear that the pinnacle of American moral culture is now behind us. The train wreck will continue undeterred as far as we can project into the future. Rational reason has failed. As repulsive as it may seem, all that is left is the cruelest of object lessons lived out in real suffering and mayhem. All the bad things that our shrillness has projected lay in store for our country and our world. Just as our most pessimistic imaginations have been exceeded in the past four years we can only envision that pessimism will continue to be eclipsed by real events. One can only hope that the complete and utter depravity of the right wing becomes apparent even to the most casual observer. Now it's those casual observers who are truly calling the shots in this country.

The moral compass of America is no more. Newspeak is the language of the future. Only the coming unmitigated disaster can hope to return us to our senses.

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