Monday, November 08, 2004


Given the current state of affairs politically, now may be the time to profit from the great mass of true believers out there. If one had wagered against the success of any of the administration policies or gambits in recent years one could have made a tidy bit of cash. There is no reason to expect that systemized failure to turn around in the future. Furthermore there apparently is a fertile field of folks who remain true believers despite all the contrarian evidence. This presents a unique opportunity to profit from them. It would have been a simple thing to take a wager against the Bush (hswib) jobs bill actually achieving the success it predicted. Not only would one have made some money but the loser be led to see that his faith may have been misplaced. Since this administration has a pattern of redefining success when the real numbers come in, the performance measurement by which the bet is settled would have to be clearly spelled out beforehand. What do you think?

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