Tuesday, November 30, 2004


While my local congressman is pumping out one press release after another about the hundreds of millions of pork he has packed into the spending bill, National Science Foundation funding is severely cut.
"It's not clear whether this was simply a case where congressional leaders had to make room for pork by cutting budgets here and there, or an expression of the modern GOP's distaste for science and its adherents. But provided Democrats get their act together as an opposition party, this bill is really proving to be the gift that keeps on giving -- a mix of outrageous abuses of power, illustrations of the majority's inability to run Congress decently, and awful policy choices at the expense of the national interest."


Anonymous said...

What would you define as pork? The money for PNNL, Hammer, Hanford clean-up or would it be all the money wasted on roads? Also after doubling the budget for NSF and then cutting it by less then 2% two years later, that doesn't sound to me like a distaste for science.

Kendall Miller said...

Starting with the level in 2002 the plan was to double that by 2007. It's now fiscal 2005 and the level is being cut. The doubling never happened. And it's quite doubtful that it will.

But the sad fact is that Hasting's biggest selling point is the Federal money he is able to procure for his district. That plus support for anything the despoilers of our nation want makes for a consistently winning combination in this district.